Patient Testimonials


Female patient, 77, Sacramento, CA
Treatment: Laser Ablation and Foam Sclerotherapy

"I had a very strong pain in my legs.  My veins on legs looked like ropes tied around my legs.  My family doctor suggested that I visit Sacramento Vein Clinic.  Dr. Lawrence Milne patiently listened to me, thoroughly examined my legs and explained to me the cause of my disease and my treatment options in great detail.  I finished my treatment and am very happy with the results.  My legs are no longer tired and achy any more.  I still do not understand why I did not seek treatment from Dr. Milne earlier.  I would recommend anyone who has vein disease or suffers from varicose veins to seek help from Dr. Milne.  This treatment made a huge difference in my life and for my legs.”


Female Patient, 71, Roseville, CA
Treatment: VNUS Closure and Ultrasound-guided Foam Sclerotherapy

"The varicose veins in my legs were so painful that I literally could now walk.  I followed my doctor’s advices of elevating legs and wearing compression stockings, but it did not help me much.  So my doctor finally referred me to Dr. Milne at Sacramento Vein Clinic.  I am very happy of this referral.  Dr. Milne is very compassionate and a perfectionist in his work.   I had both of my legs treated and I am extremely happy with my results.  I no longer feel any pain in my legs and no longer need to wear any compression stockings.  I am so happy with Dr. Milne’s care that I recommended few of my friends to see him for their leg pain.”


Male patient, 48, Yuba City, CA
Treatment: Laser Ablation and Sclerotherapy

“I had a large ulcer on my right ankle and large, lumpy varicose veins on both of my legs.  Skin around my ulcer was dark blue and each year was getting darker.  The ulcer would not heal for months.  Once healed, it would return in two-three months.  I became a frequent visitor of wound care centers.  At nights I had strong leg cramps and burning sensation.  I tried elevating my legs and wearing compression stockings, but nothing helped.  Finally, my doctor suggested that I visit Dr. Lawrence Milne at Sacramento Vein Clinic.

Dr. Milne and his staff were very compassionate, kind and informative.  Dr. Milne diagnosed my condition and explained how laser ablation procedure combined with Sclerotherapy would help alleviate my symptoms and heal my ulcer.  My recovery was fast.  I returned to my daily activities after 2 days. The cramping and burning has stopped, and the veins no longer bulge.  My ulcer quickly healed and has not returned since then.

I am very happy with the results and care I received from Dr. Milne.  I highly recommend Dr. Milne and Sacramento Vein Clinic to everyone who has problems with veins or ulcers!  Thank you, Dr. Milne, for all your help!”


Female Patient, 37, Davis, CA
Treatment: Sclerotherapy + Foam Sclerotherapy

“I came to Sacramento Vein Clinic because I needed cosmetic help with my spider veins, which I got after my first baby.  After my second child these spider veins got even worse.  These veins made me feel very uncomfortable and subconscious.  I thought that my spider veins make my legs look so unattractive that I should not wear any skirts.  My husband insisted that I seek treatment.   Dr. Milne was thorough in his exam and explanation of what he could do and the results I could expect.  His staff was friendly, informative and very kind.  I am thrilled with my results – I am wearing shorts and skirts for the first time in nearly a decade!  My confidence is back and I love how my legs look.”


Female patient, 53, Elk Grove, CA
Treatment: Laser Ablation and Ultrasound-guided Foam Sclerotherapy

"I did not have any varicose veins visible on the surface of my legs, but my legs were very achy and swollen.  Pain and swelling got worse by the evening.  I could not exercise or talk long walks.  My friend suggested that I visit Sacramento Vein Clinic where her mother was successfully treated for similar symptoms.

I was very impressed with Dr. Lawrence Milne.  He is very kind, pleasant and truthful with his patients.  He told me that he will not be able to make my legs look as those of an 18-year old, but he can help me with my leg pain and swelling.  I had three procedures, which were not painful.  The staff at the clinic was very nice and supportive.  I have a very pleasant and positive experience during my treatment.

My treatments results are phenomenal.  My swelling is gone, by pain is gone, and I can exercise again.  I started riding my bike and taking long walks—things that I could not do for really long time.  Dr. Milne surely kept his promise: he helped with my leg pain and leg swelling.  I am very happy that I got treated at Sacramento Vein Clinic.”


Male Patient, 62, Sacramento, CA
Treatment: Laser Ablation and Ultrasound-guided Foam Sclerotherapy

“My legs were in a really bad shape.  There were varicose veins everywhere.  However, it was not the looks that made me miserable.  It was leg pain and leg swelling that got worse as a day progressed.  My family doctor suggested a vein stripping surgery.  Luckily, my friend suggested visiting Sacramento Vein Clinic.  I met with Dr. Milne who explained to me the cause of the vein disease and thoroughly examined my legs.  He informed me that he can treat my legs without painful vein stripping surgery and that I will be able to go home the same day.  Dr. Milne is a very knowledgeable doctor and I became reassured that I was in good hands.  My treatment was very effective and results are great.  My leg swelling is gone, and my legs do not hurt anymore.  Now I can take long walks—something that was unimaginable to me just few months ago.”