Our Physician Difference


Choosing the best vein doctor to treat your veins can be a challenging problem.  The variety of treatment methods available can be confusing, sometimes even to physicians.  It is important to be aware that any physician can perform some treatments, such as injections, but vein surgery treatments can only be offered by surgeons.

Our physician is a board-certified surgeon with a special and dedicated interest in varicose vein disease.  Dr. Lawrence Milne is extensively trained in general surgery and vascular surgery with additional profound training in vein disease treatment.  As a vein surgeon, he is uniquely qualified to provide the full spectrum of treatment options and can choose the ideal treatment for your vein condition.

Since the treatment of vein disease is a specialized, evolving field, it is important to find a vein specialist who is experienced and is familiar with the current trends.  Our physician has performed numerous minimally-invasive vein procedures and has extensive experience with all aspects of treating vein patients. 

In addition to knowledge and experience that are critical for the successful treatment of varicose vein disease and varicose veins, we at Sacramento Vein Clinic also pride ourselves on our warm personal touch, friendly atmosphere and attention to detail with which we treat our patients.

Whether you decide to get treated at Sacramento Vein Clinic or elsewhere, these seven questions will hopefully provide you the necessary information to help you receive high quality comprehensive care of your vein problems.  Do not be afraid to ask other doctors these questions, the results may surprise you!


1. Does the treating physician specialize in Vein Disease Medicine or is this something they occasionally dabble with on the side?  At Sacramento Vein Clinic, we specialize exclusively in the treatment of Vein Disease, nothing else.  We do not dabble with vein procedures between cardiology surgeries, arterial surgeries or plastic surgeries.   We do ONLY veins, and we do them REALLY well.

2. Does an M.D. personally evaluate, diagnose, perform treatments, and provide follow-up care?  Dr. Milne is always personally involved in every step of the treatment, from the start to the end.  We do not employ any physician assistants to evaluate and follow-up with our patients or rely on other physicians to read ultrasound findings.  Everything involving patient treatment is done by Dr. Milne personally.

3. Does a non-physician ancillary staff member simply perform injections or laser treatments without the patient even being evaluated by the physician?  All injections, evaluations and treatments are performed by Dr. Milne himself.  Thus, you will be evaluated and treated by the doctor, not by anybody else.

4. Are treatment options offered and fully discussed or does every patient get identical nonindividualized care?  Each patient is evaluated, diagnosed and treated by Dr. Milne himself.  We have the widest range of treatment options at our clinic: we utilize both laser and radiofrequency technology, perform three types of sclerotherapy methods, use several injection solutions for sclerotherapy, incorporate compression therapy and prevention methods in the treatment process.  Thus, Dr. Milne will offer and fully discuss the best options for your particular case.  Each patient is unique and requires individual treatment plan.

5. Does the facility have the proper diagnostic equipment to properly treat both complex and simple vein problems?  Sacramento Vein Clinic has state-of-art medical equipment to properly and accurately diagnose even the most severe and complicated vein patients.

6. Does the facility simply treat what they see on the skin or do they carefully evaluate for the underlying cause (i.e. feeding vessels with advanced diagnostic equipment like duplex ultrasound machines)?  At Sacramento Vein Clinic, all patients are carefully and thoroughly examined using advanced ultrasound technology to identify the true underlying cause of their condition.  We treat the cause of the varicose vein disease, not just its signs and symptoms.

7. Is the Physician Board Certified?  Dr. Milne is a Board-Certified surgeon. 



If you wish to be in the good hands of a qualified and experienced vein expert, call us at 916-835-7777 or contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Milne.