Treating Venous Ulcers


A large number of patients with varicose vein disease suffers from leg ulcers.  In the United States, it is estimated that up to two million people suffer from venous ulcers which are the most common chronic wounds treated in wound care centers.  These venous ulcers have a high recurrence rate, meaning that they often return even after having been healed.  The reason for such high recurrence rate is that conventional treatments such as the use of compression therapy, antibiotics, and salves have a high failure rates.  Attempts to heal the skin without fixing the underlying venous insufficiency can result in a delayed ulcer healing and recurrence.


The underlying reason of venous ulcers is venous insufficiency in superficial veins and perforator veins.   This venous insufficiency is caused by varicose vein disease.  In order to completely heal a venous ulcer and prevent it from returning, incompetent veins need to be treated by an experienced vein specialist.  When carefully evaluated and properly diagnosed, patients with venous ulcers can have their perforator veins treated with the VNUS ClosureRFS™ stylet.  This procedure offers you a minimally-invasive option to traditional surgery for the venous ulcers on your legs.



As medical technology gradually advances every day, more choices for advanced technologies become available to patients for the treatment of varicose veins and venous ulcers.  Thus, it is essential to have an expert evaluation to set the proper diagnosis for your ulcers and select the best treatment options.  Our doctor is well experienced in detecting the true cause of leg ulcers and selecting the proper and the most optimal treatment plan for the patients with venous ulcers.  Proper treatment with the latest minimally-invasive techniques can provide long-term healing of your ulcers, and even reversal of your skin changes.


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