Sclerotherapy is often used to treat reticular and spider veins.  Some varicose veins can also be treated by this technique.  Sclerotherapy is fully approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

A tiny needle is used to administer a series of injections that contain small amounts of a sterile medical solution into the vein.  Because the needle is so small, patients do not need any anesthesia and usually feel little to no pain.  In order to ensure precise injections, ultrasound technology is also often used.




The injected solution irritates the inner lining of the vein and causes the vein to swell and seal shut.  Over time, the vein will gradually turn into scar tissue and disappear as it is reabsorbed into the surrounding local tissue.  The other healthy veins in your leg will then take over the normal blood flow toward the heart.


Although the same vein may require multiple injections over time, this injection procedure for each session can be performed in our clinic in less than 30 minutes.  The total number of veins treated during one session will depend on the size and location of the veins as well as the overall medical health of the patient.

After treatment, you will wear compression stockings for several days while you are free to resume your normal daily activities.  While walking is highly encouraged to prevent the formation of blood clots, the following should be avoided for a few days after the treatment: aerobic activity, hot baths, and excessive exposure to the sun.


Choices for Sclerotherapy:

Unlike other offices, we have multiple options for sclerotherapy to choose from and the choice will depend on your type of vein, its size and location:

•   Liquid sclerotherapy: liquid form of medication is injected directly into your spider veins, seals your veins and helps to make them disappear. We have multiple choices of advanced medication to choose from in order to deliver the best results for you.

•   Foam sclerotherapy: liquid medication is turned into foam and injected under close guidance of the ultrasound.  We have multiple medications to choose from for this method.  This method is predominantly used on larger size veins and allows precise delivery of the medication to the desired location in your varicose and spider veins.


Our physician will select the most optimal method and medication for your individual needs.  Unlike other clinics in the field, we do not believe in one particular method or medication that can be used universally to treat all patients.  We believe that each patient requires an individual approach to address his or her vein needs and an individual treatment plan needs to be selected by an expert physician who will select from the multiple methods and medications currently available on the market to deliver the best possible results for you.


If you have varicose veins or spider veins, call us at 916-835-7777 or contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Milne.